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Justin Magnuson

Justin Magnuson

Dallas based entrepreneur Justin Magnuson founded Stratus Neuro, the leading provider of EEG solutions, and is the CEO of Magnuson Capital, which manages a diversified portfolio across several industry sectors. 

Underscoring a commitment to continuous learning and personal growth, Mr. Magnuson is the holder of an MBA from UCLA as well as an MS in Entrepreneurship from Southern Methodist University. 

Mr. Magnuson serves as founder and President of the Justice Reform Foundation, which dedicates itself to helping those negatively impacted by our broken criminal justice system.

stratus neuro

Established in 2011, Stratus developed advances in Neurodiagnostic monitoring, making in-home testing for measuring brain activity possible for the first time.  These advances led the way to in-home EEG testing and monitoring on a national scale at a fraction of the cost charged by hospitals, simplifying the diagnoses and treatment process for conditions such as Epilepsy, Seizure disorders, Dementia, and Sleep disorders.  Stratus Neuro was acquired in a 2017 private equity transaction valued at nearly $100 million.

Magnuson Capital

With a firm belief in the power of technological advancement to offer solid investment returns that possess the potential to solve many of our worlds most vexxing challenges, Magnuson Capital moves forward with optimism as it seeks cutting-edge investment opportunities in emerging industry sectors.

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