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Our Criminal Justice System Is Fundamentally Broken. The Time To Act Is Now

Justin Magnuson, President of Justice Reform Foundation

Justice Reform foundation

Supporting Victims

The Justice Reform Foundation was established.
to address systemic injustices within the criminal
justice system, and to provide support for those
who have been unfairly incarcerated. 

The Cost of Doing Business

I am the proud holder of three post-secondary degrees.  And I am just as proud to live in a country that provided me, through my own hard work and inspiration, with the opportunity to fund those degrees, entirely on my own.

The importance I place on my humble beginnings, along with the natural drive I was born with, have always informed my approach to life.   And I understand these factors to be the primary catalysts behind my successes, and the financial resources that followed. 

Yet as I was to find out, resources alone do not diminish ones exposure to the inequities that are a primary part of our criminal justice system.

CEO of Magnuson Capital

Paying it Forward

I was a primary witness to the scourge of unlawful detainment, prosecutorial misconduct, judicial biases, and how innocent citizens are broken through the use of confidential informants.  These informants are the individuals who unjustly strip away the basic freedoms that most every American takes for granted. 

Reform is needed, and I intend to effect this change.

I have committed myself to helping others avoid the nightmare scenario I endured, and assisting people who suffered injustice at the hands of our criminal justice system. To accomplish these goals, I founded the Justice Reform Foundation (JRF).

Justin Magnuson
Justin Magnuson

The Justice Reform Foundation

JRF’s mission is to educate the public about injustices that exist within our nations criminal justice system, and to abolish unfair practices that cause the accused – particularly  minorities and people of color – irreversible harm, even if found innocent, or never charged with a crime. 

JRF also assists those transitioning back into civilian life once their entanglement with the justice system has been completed.

I do not consider myself a victim, nor do I live my life as if i were one.  However, the facts remain; substantial financial resources did not prevent my twenty-month incarceration for a crime I did not commit, and for which I was never charged.  I hope you will join me in this important pursuit.

To become involved, or to learn more, please email [email protected], or visit